Free admission for students

Special Announcement from the  High School and Jr. High Athletic Directors
Stryker students grades Pre-k to 12 will be admitted to the following Fall Athletic events at No Cost!

High School Football:  

8/20 vs Danbury

9/10 vs Holgate

10/22 vs Waldron

Junior High Football:  

9/25 vs Danbury

10/16 vs Tinora

High School Volleyball:  

8/21 vs Liberty Center

8/26 vs Fayette

9/9 vs Holgate

9/30 vs Edon

10/12 vs Hilltop

Junior High Volleyball:  

8/24 vs North Central

9/16 vs Hilltop

9/28 vs Fayette

10/14 vs Pettisville

We encourage our students to come out and support your fellow Panthers!

Thank you

HS AD - Mr. Kent Holsopple
Jr. High AD - Mrs. Megan DeGroff