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400 S. Defiance St., Stryker, OH 43557

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Positive COVID 19 Case - 10/27/2020

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(Formerly known as Parent Teacher Conferences)

Click on the appropriate school for your student(s) to set up conference times.

All parent conferences this year will be by phone. Please be sure to provide the phone number you want your teacher to call.

This Week Events

01/18 No School

01/18 Athletic Booster Meeting 7:30

01/18 JHBBK H Edgerton 5:00

01/19 BBK A Edgerton 6:00

01/19 GBK H Edgerton 6:00

01/19 JHBBK A Montpelier 5:00

01/19 JHGBK H Montpelier 4:30

01/21 BBK A North Central 6:00

01/21 GBK H Edon - Pep Band Plays 6:00

01/22 BBK A Edon 6:00

01/23 GBK A Hilltop Varsity Only 1:00

01/23 JHBBK H Fayette 10:00am

Upcoming Events

01/25 FRBBK A Pettisville 5:00

01/25 GBK H Wauseon 6:00

01/26 BBK H Archbold - Pep Band Plays 6:00

01/27 County Spelling Bee at Stryker in 57' Auditorium 7:00

01/28 Jostens Meeting with Seniors to Hand out Caps and Gowns 8:00-8:30

01/28 Jostens Meeting with Junior Class Officers Only 8:30-9:00

01/28 GBK A Montpelier 6:00

01/29 BBK H Montpelier - Pep Band Plays 6:00

01/29 FRBBK H Montpelier 4:30

01/30 GBK A Ayersville 12:00

CTE - Career & Technical Education at Stryker Schools

Stryker students are facing a highly competitive work environment upon graduation. Stryker Local Schools is working hard to provide the tools needed to help them succeed and be prepared for the next step. We believe that we help our students prepare for the next phase in life by helping them learn technical and academic skills and how to apply them in an employment setting.

Students are exposed to and have hands on training with 3D printing, Welding, Powder Coating, Laser and Plasma Cutting, 4 Axis Wood Cutting equipment, and engineering software such as Master Cam and Auto Cad. Along with that, students take OSHA training courses that help them work safely in these environments.

Stryker Local Schools is committed to helping all its students graduate and become productive and contributing adults in our community and wherever else they choose to live.

2019-20 Activities

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