Styrker JH Quiz Bowl Champs

The 27th Annual Williams County Junior High Quiz Tournament was held on Tuesday, February 28, at Stryker Local School.  The goal of the tournament is to heighten enthusiasm for intellectual development and to offer students an opportunity to display their knowledge and thinking skills.  Almost forty students in grades seven and eight participated in the double-elimination event.  Teams from Bryan, Edgerton, Millcreek West Unity, Montpelier, and Stryker competed.

Stryker won Round 6 in a nail-biter as the match ended in a tie with Edgerton and hinged on who correctly answered the first sudden death question.  It took four tie-breaker questions before Stryker came out on top and forced the undefeated Edgerton team into a seventh round.  The final score for the seven-round tournament was Stryker, 9, and Edgerton, 7 with the Stryker team being named the tournament champions for the second year in a row.

The winning school takes home the traveling trophy to display in their building for the next school year.  The event was coordinated by Stacey Parrish, Education Consultant, from the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center.